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Get Quality Fencing and Other Landscaping Services for Your Home From Tree Service and Lawn Care Experts Like Us!

Do you need your garden’s fence set up? Maybe you might need your overgrown lawn tended to, or you might be thinking it’s time to replace the same old look for your front yard. These are easily solved if you hire DG Gig Harbor Landscaping. We’ve been providing professional lawn care, tree service, landscape design and more in Gig Harbor, WA since 2015. Homeowners need a company like us that goes above and beyond when it comes to taking care of their gardens and plants, that’s why you should call our reliable team of landscapers!

Landscaping Service in Gig Harbor, WA

Landscaping Service in Gig Harbor, WA

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Your Garden Needs a Green Thumb

If your garden has a lot of trees and plants, you’re going to need a pro to maintain their health by removing dead tree stumps or pruning the branches. The service they cover should also range from sod installation, aeration, thatching, and even tree pruning, which has to be handled by skilled and competent workers who care about the appearance and condition of your garden. Trees, flowers, and other plants need to be well-tended in order to grow and help with the relaxing view that it provides for your property. Award yourself with peace of mind by hiring a company that not only tends to your property’s needs.

Why We Are the Best Choice

Call (253) 215-1113 and Reach the Top Rated Lawn Service near You!

We know that time is money, and money doesn’t fall from trees. But when your plants wither, and your trees rot and fall, then you need people who will quickly treat any disease or clean up. We can be contacted to set-up an appointment for you that conveniently fits with your schedule. We boast a range for services that include fertilizer application, wall retaining, landscape installation, and more. Your yard will be looked after and grow into something you’re sure to be proud of!

Whether it’s for fencing and tree service, or maintenance and yardwork in Gig Harbor, WA, then you should choose DG Gig Harbor Landscaping and call us at (253) 215-1113 to get the care that your lawn needs!

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